Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Silak Galang Arts Exhibit 2011, Glan Sarangani

Silak Galang-or 'shine Glan' is the first visual arts exhibition in Glan, Sarangani province together with a photo exhibit curated by Jayson Dona-al, a Glan resident...exhibiting artists are Edgar Baunillo, Al Monto, and Gaylord Murcia...the exhibit is under Glan's 12th Lubi-lubi Festival & co-sponsored by Dr. Ruiz, the Festival Director

works of Jayson Dona-al

 Edgar Baunillo is creates sculpture...

 the exhibition is in the Municipal Hall of of Gaylord Murcia and Al Monto

with a photo exhibition..

 collection of Dr Ruiz, Jeepney work of jayson dona-al

 kandapada gensan artists meets silak galang artists

sold artwork of jayson dona-al

 israel oca & mark ty, visual artists from gensan

 mark ty, israel oca, jayson dona-al, me, edgar baunillo, & edrick aguirre\

jayson & edgar, sarangni visual artists